Crypto marketing

Strategy for new crypto companies

  • get the messaging right so people know what you do
  • create content to educate to help people understand
    • podcast, blog, anything educational  
  • make the website super obvious 
  • open a Twitter and Telegram account

How is crypto marketing different from other marketing?

  • cannot do paid acquisitions like Google ads, Twitter ads, Reddit ads, Snapchat ads, Instagram ads
  • focus on owned media channels like newsletter, social media, podcast
  • need to learn the culture, the language (terms) and the slang

Which social media channel to focus on?

  • Twitter, Reddot, and YouTube
  • Facebook and Instagram are low in organic reach

Things to ask your clients

  • goals
    • what they are trying to accomplish
  • target audience
    • someone brand new or an institutional investor that understands and wants to hear the tech side of things

How to make customers know you are here to stay?

  • tell them why your products are better
  • inform users about new features and bugs you have fixed so they know you are there to stay and you care about customer experience 

Education is very important

  • we are still so early in the industry
  • we are marketing something that doesn’t exist, something that the world has never seen before 
  • explain things in simple terms that people understand 


  • match the right product with the right influencers that have the right audience

Where to learn

  • Best way to learn is by trying
    • buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or a cheap NFT
    • you’ll most probably lose at first 
  • YouTube content that’s not sponsored or about price
    • Any channel about price is sponsored 
  • Beginner friendly podcasts
  • Bitcoin whitepaper (you don’t need to understand everything, just like you don’t need to understand codes to use the Internet)


  • where the entire community i
  • most important for the majority of companies in the industry 


  • a lot of content early on (2017) when there was no dedicated blogs 


  • for NFT because of same art audience 

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