Free SEO tools

8 FREE AI SEO Competitor Keyword Research Tools to Rank #1 (by Julian Goldie)

Google (1:05)

  • find your competitor e.g. in numerology
    • type the category name in search bar
  • find competitor keyword you can rank for
    • “ numerology”
  • find their sitemap (2:25)
    • use SEOMATOR
  • scrape keywords on all pages of your competitor’s website

Ubersuggest (3:35)

  • 3 free searches per day for free with an account
  • not as accurate as ahrefs but it’s free, but the gap is not massive in terms of keyword difficulty, etc
  • “Top SEO Pages”
    • see which pages of your competitor’s website are getting the most traffic
  • “SEO Keywords”
    • see volume, position and estimate visits each page of the keywords gets 
  • you can also see how many organic keywords, monthly traffic, domain authority, number of backlinks
    • can download to civ / excel 

Google Keywords Planner (7:00)

  • enter your competitor’s website for keyword ideas 
  • use Harpa AI to filter out the good ones
    • “based on {{page}} filter the best keywords for my bird website to target (8:15)

  • “Give me keywords related to birds and their competition/search volumes.
    Then create a priority score and prioritise the best keywords to target for SEO”
  • can export to Google Sheets (they are linked together) (9:40)

  • caution: competition scored are based on ads

Stop Paying For Expensive SEO Research Tools (Free ChatGPT AI SEO Tool)

Mangools Keyword Explorer (10-day free trial)

  • 5 keywords per day for 10 days free trial
  • covers more factors than ahrefs, keyword explorer, Google ads planner
  • ahrefs tells you how many backlinks you need to rank (1:45)
  • Mangools’ calculation is based on more matrix, not just backlinks, so it’s more realistic
    • domain authority
    • page authority
    • citation flow
    • trust flow
  • go for keywords under 20 (2:40)
  • help you create questions with your keywords for blog titles (5:00)
  • Pricing: $20 – $90 /mo
  • free learning materials

Amazon + Google (5:15)

  1. Amazon
    • product name 
  2. Google
    • product name + the word “review)
  3. check difficulty on ahrefs or other tools for “product name + review”
  4. write articles 
    • almost guarantee to rank!
  • free MarketMuse and Surfer SEO alternative
  • input your content or URL and compare it with up to 10 competing URLs
  • receive a score and a target score as well as a GPT prompt to help you reach the target