Product-led growth discussion by Refine Labs (YouTube)


  • one person asking question
    • you know what your audience wants to know
    • you can repurpose the content 

*Competing against big planners as a service-based company

  • create a brand (coz to customers you are a commodity)
  • have a differentiated offering
  • CTAs don’t matter
  • need to be smarter and more consistent when we don’t have their budget
  • give out info enough so they don’t need you – that’s the type of value you want to give as a small player

How to get more audience

  • have a credible guest speaker
  • be a guest speaker
  • when you first reach out, don’t ask, give something solid!
  • messaging is critical 
  • post after you reach out to new people so they will see something immediately after they connect with you

Sales navigator (Microsoft)

  • find the right audiences, such as founders, CEOs, investors
  • target precisely and create messages especially for them 

Community management - why do it

Why companies are not doing it

  • companies hire people who understand social media, but not people who understand customers. what these people say may not be relevant to customers

Demand generation webinars

  • make it as valuable as possible to everyone attending
  • live physical events 
  • small audience – your ideal persona 
  • market research / content creation / marketing strategy / distribution strategy / long-term brand
  • use it to create a podcast
  • people feel more comfortable asking questions in a smaller group
  • people participating is looking for info (instead of you chasing after them)
  • convey you as an expert
  • valuable companies that are small against big players 


  • can try using both emails and SMSs (need to test for optimized conversion rates)
  • make sure you have a good funnel or you lose all the customers after a free trial 
  • e.g. as soon as they take a certain action, it triggers something to get them to pay


  • video content – people cannot copy you like it is in writing

Repurposing content - technical requirements (1:07:00)

  • Zoom compasses video when you send it across the Internet when you post it on LinkedIn
  • Camera for image: recording locally on QuickTime in 1080p
  • background will get speaker’s audio and video 
  • raw Zoom for audio and video on YouTube
  • You get high quality for LinkedIn feed for very noticeable difference in quality – even when you compass it to 720
  • it’s not the camera. It’s how it’s recorded
  • it’s not Zoom recording. it’s QuickTime local 

Things to note

  • have a defined topic
  • be consistent 
  • pick a good time of day
  • engage the audience in the conversation
  • email one day in advance to tell the agenda 
  • make it easy to add to and recur in people’s calendar 
  • have questions submitted in advance