How to make cursor visible on video

Screen cursor – Highlight&Mark (free app) settings (0:55) Presentation Assistant ($3) settings (6:55) can create a spotlight where the cursor is Make It Easier To See Your Cursor And Clicks On Your Mac 1. Making it bigger on screen (0:55) System preferences > Accessibility > Display > Cursor > Increase cursor size  2.

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Create AI video with Midjourney, D-ID, ChatGPT and VidIQ

1. Midjourney (0:25) generate images Prompt: most beautiful long black hair, pale skin, emerald green eyes, Greek attire Flawless skin show her full head, show her full face, show her half body. Dramatic lighting. Minimalist. wearing tank top realistic, cinematic, photography, natural skin, delicate, detailed, photo realistic, beauty photography, 4k, Sci fi –v 4 –ar

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Why subtitles in videos are important

Some stats to tell you why subtitles are important Eightify (12:20) / (4:00) summarize long videos can turn an 8-minute video into a 1-minute read auto transcription / subtitle generation Chrome extension Supports Chinese Pricing: free (3 video per week) (14:25) use keyword to find the webpages you have visited Supports Chinese Pricing:

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Storytelling for vlog

If you want to be a vlogger, below are tips to make you a better storyteller.  The Art of Storytelling and View Retention How To Vlog and Be a Better Storyteller (so so) Ways to keep viewers engaged so they will keep watching: tell more stories  outline your stories with this structure (4:25) set the

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Microphones for video production

Mics, portable mics and wireless mics for content creators Why I use a $15 microphone Boya BY-M1 Best Budget USB Mic Under $50 iUKUS BM-800 (gold mic) SUDOTACK FIFINE K669B Raleno M30 TONOR TC-777 Razer Seiren Mini Best microphone for YouTube creators US$1,020 – On Camera Mic (Sony a6600) USD$319 – iPhone 11

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