How to create Google affiliate marketing content using ChatGPT

Source: ChatGPT SEO Mastery: How to Rank #1 with AI SEO Content (Udemy)

1. Find keywords you can easily rank for

  1. Go to Ahrefs
    • All accounts > select your website
  2. Go to Keywords Explorer (Top)
  3. Type keyword for Google (e.g. birds) 
  4. Go to Matching Terms (left)
  5. Include (top) > all words > best > show results 
  6. KD (keyword difficulty) > set Max to 10 > apply
    • easy to rank even without backlinks
  7. select keyword
    • “best talking birds” not gonna make you money
    • “best bird camera” better
  8. click on “best bird camera”
    • see if you will actually gets traffic using that keyword
  9. create an outline on ChatGPT (based on Google Review Guidelines, see below images)
    • Evaluate the product from a user’s perspective
    • demonstrate product knowledge and expertise
    • provide evidence to show authority 
    • share quantitative measurements about product performance 
    • describe what sets the product apart from competition 
    • write from a 2nd person perspective. don’t pretend you are a user  
    • make it engaging, set word count requirements, high keyword density, include bullet points, etc 
  10. Go to Amazon to find 5 products in the category, copy & paste on ChatGPT to get your outlines
  11. Add pros & cons sections so it doesn’t look like affiliate marketing content
  12. Go to Google and search the keyword, see what titles come up, and include them in your outline to generate more content 
  13. See “People also ask” for FAQ ideas
  14. Get ChatGPT to write the copy (details here)

ChatGPT is not perfect

  • Review what is generated and remove what’s repetitive
  • Add human touch 
  • Fact check