ChatGPT alternatives


  • allows you to configure and deploy Autonomous AI agents. Name your custom AI and have it embark on any goal imaginable (Google)
  • it will learn and make rational decisions on its own
  • trained and powered by ‘Google Search’ to chat with you on current events and trending topics in real-time
  • generate stunning digital AI artwork for your social media posts and digital campaigns
    • can connect with DALL-E and Stable Diffusion to generate images 
  • Chrome extension to get content suggestions from anywhere on the internet
  • understands text to speed, voice commands and responds just like virtual assistant 
  • GPT-4 powered 
  • Pricing: $0 ($10k words) – $12.67/month (100k words)
  • Cody is an intelligent AI assistant like ChatGPT – with the added benefit of being able to train it on your business, your team, your processes, and your … (Google)
  • Local ChatGPT with your own knowledge base
    1. Instant Answers To Your Business Questions
    2. Upload Any Data & Build Your Knowledge Base
    3. Provide Sources For Every Answer
  • You can train it to understand your business so you can easily explain it to a 5 y.o.
  • an AI creation tool that allows users to build any kind of app, game, widget, or digital service directly … (Google)
  • Instantly Generate High Quality Copy For Emails, Ads, Websites, Listings, Blogs & More (Google)
  • It helps you reword and change your tone of voice of your scripts, emails, etc
  • supports real-time search 
  • provides reputable data sources for each answer 
  • can write emails and essays just like ChatGPT