9 steps to become a profitable writer

5 Ways To Make $1 Million As A Writer

Extracted from a Dan Koe YouTube video:

  • the foundation of any media is writing
  • writing transform into other things
  • writing can turn into a video script, newsletter, etc

Important - the content has to be exceptionally good!

1. Choose a topic you cannot shut up about (1:50)

  • if money is not an issue, what are you passionate about?

2. Brainstorm a unique perspective

  • to catch people’s attention
  • differentiate yourself with your own experience

3. Write 1,000 words on the topic

Actionable advice to prove your worth and value to build an audience 

The content has to be so good that people have to talk about it

  1. problem
  2. personal experience
  3. actionable steps to overcome the problem

4. Sign up for a blog or newsletter software

Build a content eco-system 

  1. one newsletter a week (1,000 words)
  2. upload the newsletter as a blog
  3. write one thread condensed from the newsletter
  4. 3 tweets a day from the newsletter
  5. Link your blog in all your tweets, etc.

5. Repurpose the actionable parts of the newsletter

  • that’s how you build authority in ONE domain

6. Learn how to network and grow in ONE platform

  • network with similar follower accounts
  • comment on larger accounts so people click to your profile
  • join a community and meet people doing the same as you

7. Turn idea into impactful tweets

8. Develop a writing system

  • PAS – problem amplified solution
  • AIDA – attention, interest, desire, action
  • test it daily and refine

9. Branch out to different platforms