Digital marketing tips for small business

The below digital marketing strategies are extracted from a YouTube video “Marketing for Small Business: Effective Marketing Strategies for 2022” by LYFE Marketing.

#1. Create high quality digital assets

Even if you have great marketing, no one wants to buy an ugly design

3 essential digital assets that you need: 

  1. Website
    • so people can find you
  2. Email or text sequence
    • so you can follow up with prospects automatically
  3. High quality photo or video
    • so you can make great first impressions

#2. Use SEO

SEO takes at least 6 to 12 months for your ranking to move up

Be consistent and keep going on with your theories and track your ranking

How to start:

  1. Keyword research
    • Google Keyword Planner gives you hundreds of keyword suggestions with monthly search volume and estimate costs
  2. Page optimization
    • Make your keywords easy for search engines to find
    • Use meta tags, alt tags, H1s
    • Use SEO tools like Yoast SEO to optimize your page

#3. Use PPC on search engine

It works like SEO, but you don’t wait 12 months to start getting results.

Since you need to pay for it, make sure to capture leads with a precise, clear and easy CTA.

Brings your overall profit down

4 things you need to focus on

  1. keyword research
  2. CTR
    • you want high CTR on Google to drive as much traffic as possible
  3. on-page optimization
  4. cost
    • it brings your profit down

#4. Use social media advertising (or PPC on social media)

You have to know your cost for social media ads.

Volume isn’t necessary 

  • one really great ad can drive thousands of results.  But you need to do a lot of test to know which one works best
  • unlike #5 social media management

Warm audiences convert nearly 10x better than cold audiences

  • warm audiences are people who have heard about you before.  They have visited your website and/or saw you at an event
  • lookalike audience: a high performing cold audience that comes from a warm audience

#5. Use social media management

Volume is key for social media organic growth so remember: quantity over quality!  If quality is a 6, quantity needs to be a 10.

They can be a mix of quotes, infographics and sharing results.

Content creation tips:

  1. Understand your audience’s challenges and goals
    • join their groups
    • read their comments
    • study who they are following and why
  2. Create valuable content
    • know what makes people’s lives better
    • people don’t go to social media to look for products so valuable content is a must 

#6. Hire a consultant or an agency

  • hire someone who can guide you and predict some outcomes
  • do NOT hire an intern: it defeats the whole purpose behind hiring someone to help guide you
  • focus on experience over price for lack of experience will wind up costing you and wasting time