How to build an NFT community

Provide value and a fun environment for people want to keep coming back

Purpose of your discord

  • why people are coming in
  • what type of people are coming in 
  • give them value and resources
  • make sure they feel heard 

Host a couple of AMA every week

  • goal: build real human emotional relationships
  • share your vision
  • clarify things that people don’t understand
  • build authority
  • build trust
  • build personal connection (know their discord names)
  • voice chat is fun
  • if they come back 3 times, there’s a 89% chance they’ll come back the 4th time

Create an environment people look forward to coming back

Create different small channels to help different people based on their interests

Let the community decide the mission and vision

  • create a survey and let them decide where they want things to go

Leadership is important

  • people want to know who is behind all this
  • let the creator interact with the community 
  • open communication