How to launch an NFT collection on OpenSea

Tips (11:50)

  1. Share your NFT project link early. Share as soon as your have your items added, not when you are ready to sell
  2. Set up in advance. Initialize early so you don’t miss your launch day
  3. Add extra benefits to owning your NFTs e.g. a product or a membership or something. Your art may not be expensive but a buyer needs to pay GAS (US$125)
  4. Build a community (Discord channels) for people to wait for an NFT launch months in advance. They create buzz before and after an NFT launch  

Start early

Don’t make your collection visible just before it’s listed for sale on OpenSea or you’ll miss out on potential sales

  • let people browse and favorite your items
  • let them sign up for notifications so they know when your collection is available for sales


Already start at the very beginning of a campaign to get more retweets and impressions before launch   

OpenSea setup

build more trust with your collection especially when you are not well-known

  • need to connect crypto wallet with the account 
  • e.g. MetaMask, Wasabi, Coinbase  
  • Connect Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet to connect to OpenSea
  • Need some money (say $200) in the wallet to pay for initialization fee on OpenSea
    • 66 gwei (around US$125)
    • it could take a day for the transaction to process 
  • after this you can create a collection on OpenSea

How to name your collection

  • Cannot if your name is too similar to an existing one 
  • decide which blockchain your want your NFT to be added – Ethereum by default. Can also choose Polygon 


  • Percentage (say 3%) NFT creators collect when the NFT is resold
  • Optional 

Adding items to a collection

  • add description and external links 
  • use property field to indicate with set each item is in to make it easier to filter by set 

Unlockable content link

  • becomes available to the buyer once they’ve bought an NFT 
  • one figma link per NFT for different formats of the NFT

Selling your NFT

  • Can sell it at a flat price or put it on auction

GAS fees

  • measured in gwei
  • 1 gwei = 0.000000001 ETH
  • the higher the demand is for transaction approvals, the higher the base GAS required 
  • you can add more GAS to make your transaction goes through faster 
  • sellers don’t pay GAS. buyers do
  • but when you do giveaway, you pay GAS because you mint the NFT into a blockchain