How to find cheap flights or get cheap plane tickets

  1. Check one-way tickets instead
  2. Skyscanner alternatives
    •  kiwi
      • can search the entire continents, e.g. from “north america” to “europe”
    • kayak 
    • momondo
    • faredrop
    • ITA Matrix (4:55)
      • cannot book flights
  3. use VPN to buy tickets from airlines’ home countries
  4. set VPN to the country you’re traveling to 
  5. use VPN to check prices from developing countries
  • Google flights
    • can input only ‘from’ and ‘dates’ then hit ‘explore’ to see prices for everywhere
      • you can choose price range in the map page
    • can select multiple airports in one go to compare prices
  • skiplagged (10:00)
    • getting off at stopover city
  • Find mistake fares (6:45)
    • Scott’s cheap flights 
    • airfare watchdog
  • Find stopovers so you visit one more city/country
    • air wander
  • small local budget airlines (below) 

How to use Google Flights

  • Seatguru
    • seating plans for flights