How to get rich

Advice from Andrew Tate

  • No one can make money except for governments because they can print money
  • (2:30) We take money from other people. We convince other people to give us money
  • Every time you spend money, you need to analyze how your money is taken away from you to identify business opportunities
  • e.g. buying a coffee (2:45)
    • Why am I buying this coffee? Why am I not buying from other stores? Is it the line? Is it the cute staff?
    • How much does this coffee actually cost?
    • How much am I paying?
    • If I open a coffee shop, how do I beat this one?
      • do I also sell cakes?
  • Surround yourself by people who know about money and have money
    • if that’s what they always talk about, you will know about how to make money
  • (8″10) e.g.  a 17 y.o. wait around to take picture of expensive cars and send them back to the owners – that’s how he collect email addresses of super rich people