Steps to illustrate perceived value of your product

  • Marketing is perception
  • It doesn’t matter how good your product is. It matters how important and valuable that product is perceived by other people

1. Identify and illustrate the problem (12:05)

3 levels of awareness

  1. most people are unaware of the problem in their lives
  2. people are aware of their problem but they may not understand it
  3. solution aware
    • they know of a solution, you need to tell them how to solve their problem with it
  4. product aware
    • tell them why your product is better than others in the market
  5. they already know your product 
    • give them incentive to act e.g. a limited time offer

2. Positioning (16:00)

Eternal markets (self-improvement or self-actualization) / Evergreen content topics:

Wealth, Health, Relationships

Catch attention with copy written from one of the 8 human desire angles:

  • survival
  • comfort and clarity
  • social acceptance
  • life enjoyment
  • perceived status
  • sexual companionship
  • freedom from fear
  • safety of community

3. Write about the big problem relating to people's desire (19:00)

  • why am I not making a 6-figure income?
  • how is it affecting my life?
  • people don’t care about spiritual things if they cannot pay the bills 

4. A unique mechanism - a step by step guide (20:55)

  • how did you solve the problem so other people can follow your path?
  • you learn from multiple sources to make the experience your own

5. Benefits in bullets (22:50)

  • get people to understand why it is relatable and applicable to their lives 
  • make them in bullets to make it easy to read – people may not agree on the first two but they may see something good on the list easily

6. Proof (23:55)

  • you are a proof because you have lived it
  • if you don’t already have testimonials from clients, find proofs online from people who have experienced the same thing and form a strong argument in your writing