YouTube thumbnails – tips and how to make them

Tips from MrBreast

  • if people don’t click, they don’t watch 
  • make people curious with the title and the thumbnail so they will click and watch it
  • don’t try to build things up – wow them right at the beginning so they will keep watching 
  • Replace the word “algorithm” with “audience”
    • it’s not that the algorithm that doesn’t like the video. It’s the audience who doesn’t like the video
  • Less than 10% people that use YouTube are native English speakers
    • dub your video in other languages!
  • It’s not just the click-through rate and average view duration. A lot of it is: did they enjoy your last video?
    • if they like it last time, when YouTube recommends your video, they will likely click on it
  • the viewers can tell how much time you have put in making your video. when you build the trust, they will want to watch what you create because you have a good track record
  • if you don’t enjoy what you do, you are going to burn out
    • if it’s not fun to you, you will just quit long before what you do brings in money
  • it’s much easier to get 5 million views on one video than 50k views on  100 videos in terms of effort