YouTube tips from MrBeast and other famous YouTubers

Meet MrBeast's Secret YouTube Consultant (Paddy Galloway Interview)

  1. Finding great video ideas (3:00)

    • analyze your audience
    • find your 5 outliner videos
    • turn these videos into series
    • adapt ideas from competitors
    • explore ‘blue ocean’ ideas
  2. Script more if you have less personality 

  3. Score ideas before choosing which to film

  4. For brands: Create “day in life” video, e.g. what is it like to work as an engineer at ABC company?

Intro examples

Bad: MrBeast is a genius and so smart. Here are some of the things he did…

Good: What did MrBeast discover in May 2013?

Bad: What if I told you that you could start a business in a weekend that could go on to be really successful? That was my story…

Good: I started a $200 million dollar business in one weekend…

Bad: How to make $300 per day

Good: How to make $295 per day

Bad: Here is how I became worth $1m

Good: How I make $45,000 a month

Bad: How to make $300 per day

Good: How to make $295 per day

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