AI selfie with Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI tutorial by a Chinese YouTuber 99

  1. training and datasets (3:30)
  2. upload 20 images of yourself
    1. can be in different dimensions
    2. can be a mix of headsets / profile / half-body shots, etc
    3. face should be clearly visible, not too small 
  3. create new dataset (4:40)

How to create a new image or style of yourself (6:00)

  1. go to Home to select an image or a style that you like
  2. click on the image and select “image2image”
  3. under stable diffusion (under prompt) > select “select custom model”
  4. select the collection you previously created (images of yourself)
  5. View
  6. generate with this model 
  7. finetuned model (under prompt) > you see name of your photo collection
  8. hit “generate” 


Fix image dimension first if you want to copy someone else’s style!! (10:35)

  • otherwise your face will be distorted!

When your face is distorted (6:55-7:45)

  • change image dimension
  • lower guidance scale  (more like the original photo)

Upscale (8:15)

  • get AI to create more details of the image
  • change image dimension
  • lower guidance scale  (more like the original photo)

Quickly generate a lot of images similar to those created by other creators (12:10)

  • click on the image
  • hit “image2image” (next to image)
  • hit “generate” (right)

How to check out images you have generated? (13:35)

  1. Trained models (select from collections)
  2. AI image generation (left)
  3. Under Finetuned Model > Select Custom Model
  4. View
  5. generate with this model
  6. generate 

Merging two images with AI Canvas (14:00)

  1. Upload images
  2. Eraser icon
    • “mask only” to control size of eraser
    • mark the area you want to erase
  3. Snap icon (14:25)
    • move the frame to the area where you want an image generated
  4. add a prompt
    • e.g. wall, window, forest, etc

Image extension (14:00)

  • the frame should overlap some part of the image
  • The smaller the area you want the AI to generate, the less weird the results