List of AI image software

Free logo generator (pretty good)

  • Lensa
  • NightCafe
  • PortraitAI
  • Relight
  • AI Time Machine
  • Astria
  • Artbreeder
  • AIGahaku
  • PhotoRoom
  • Designify
  • Luminar Neo
  • Generative Fill (feature)
  • Quickly create, add to, extend, remove or replace images right in Adobe Photoshop with simple text prompts
  • Pricing: $20/mo
  • extend background – fast and easy (takes only 10 seconds)
  • add objects 
  • remove objects
  • change clothes
  • crop image and paste onto an AI generated image
  • (3:00) Adobe > Creative Cloud > Photoshop (Beta)
  • Not available in HK 🙁
  • free
  • create images and logos
  • Canva will not make any copyright ownership claim over your Input or Output
  • easier to use than Photoshop (how to use at 3:10)
  • extend background 
  • add objects 
  • remove objects
  • need to pay if you want to change background
  • free
  • create images and logos

ddmm AI (7:15)

change pose, facial expression, 

evote - free & extremely good quality (6:38)

  • extremely easy to use and great quality
  • can remove double chin, wrinkles, dark circles, skin  tone, shape of face, tooth color, makeup, etc
  • good for passport photos 
  • men / women / children / old people modes

InstantArt (3:50)

  • turn any of your favorite images into stunning Depth Animations
  • add depth to your images or animated photos (free with waitlist)

  • Why is Leonardo better than Midjourney
    • All rights to an image belong to the person who has generated it (source: @00:40)
    • you own the copyright of the images you generate
    • web based
    • free
    • you can see others’ prompts
    • easy to use (e.g. background removal)
  • You can train your own models – upload images of style you want to recreate
  • Can see what exact prompts & negative prompts people are using
  • Prompt generation option if you don’t know how to write in details (7:00)
  • Canvas tool to add elements onto the generated image (8:15)
  • Upload an image and get the AI to create a similar one (9:55)
  • Create stunning game assets with AI. · Craft Worlds in Minutes Not Months · Fast, Easy and Artist Friendly (Google)
  • Founder says this is the Photoshop of AI (14:30)
  • Texture generation for 3D models (15:00)
    • e.g. from 
  • So much quicker and easier to use than Stable Diffusion with lots of built-in models
  • Can generate very realistic arts
  • Waitlist (only a few days)
  • Game asset based
  • Free 150 credits daily (1 credit for one 512 x 512 image)

Lexica Art (6:15)

Line AI Selfie (1:40)

  • Design logo then the entire stationary etc
  • professional looking design for your brand
  • help you put together a brand bible
  • how it works (9:05)
  • $10/month or $8/month for one year
  • generate product descriptions by detecting what’s in an image
  • free

Playground AI (8:50)

Pollinations AI (00:55)

Stable Diffusion

  • can also be used to generate AI QR codes

Synthesys X (5:10)