How to Start an AI Automation Agency | STEP BY STEP

  • notes from Liam Ottley’s YouTube video
  • tech background not needed


Chatbot - botpress (free)

  • can be used on WhatsApp, telegram, etc
  • (10:35) fee structure based on usage, so it’s free to create, only your clients will get charged for using it

Content generation system - stack AI

  • easy to learn to build AI applications without a tech background

AI enhanced automation - zapper

  • with AI features built in to connect with other applications

Different types of chatbots (12:30)

Prospective chatbot

  • increase conversion rate from website visitors to leads
  • capture user intent for tailored follow-up

Onboarding chatbot (14:00)

  • get contract signed, invoices paid¬†
  • reduce operating costs and time
  • e.g. integrates with Docusign, Stripe, Slack, etc
Screenshot 2023-07-15 at 12

Staff training chatbot (15:00)

  • reduce no. of hours required to onboard new hires

Find people to work with/for you on the Discord community (31:50)

Why you should pick a niche (39:25)

  • you can sell the exact same thing over and over again at a higher price coz your product is designed for a particular niche
  • your marketing messaging can be highly targeted and people will be more lightly to buy
  • you can improve your efficiency coz you don’t need to keep on developing new proposals/plans for clients in different industries
Screenshot 2023-07-15 at 11

How to calculate ROI for your client, i.e. how much you are helping them save (1:02:00)

How to find your leads (1:23:00)

  • LinkedIn (e.g. tax lawyer)
  • Facebook Groups (e.g. owners of tax firms)
  • Google local business search

How to get a lead

  • try to get on a call instead of sending a sales message right away
  • do a research or give them valuable info so they can’t say no to your meeting
  • keep your first email/call short and sweet and to the point
    • business owners don’t read everything anyway

What to say in a cold call (1:32:00)

  • making cold calls is the fastest way to get instant feedback
    • know what your product or service is lacking
    • understand how you should improve in your presentation skills
  • cold call script below

You can't just send cold email (they will go straight to spam) (1:33:00)

  • use instantly to warm up your domain