List of AI software for productivity

Consensus (4:20)

  • search engine that uses AI to find you answers in scientific research (Google)
  • search engine based off research papers 
  • sources are shown so you can click to read the abstracts or reports
  • Synthesize feature to give you a summary
  • summarize long videos
    • can turn an 8-minute video into a 1-minute read
  • auto transcription / subtitle generation
  • Chrome extension
  • Supports Chinese
  • Pricing: free (3 video per week)
  • automatically come up with the steps you need to accomplish your tasks
  • break down your tasks in steps
  • you can control it to make it break down the task further to make a more detailed checklist


  • self-organizing workspace 
  • personalized AI assistant
  • emails, apps, written notes
  • help you retrieve whatever you have created
  • (1:15) Google doc, excel, calendar, notes app all built into one 
  • (1:50) how to use
  • free resources in description on YouTube (example here)
  • use keyword to find the webpages you have visited
  • Supports Chinese
  • Pricing: $0 – $30/mo
  • provides an access to the summary of YouTube videos, and you can also take notes on YouTube videos