How to make money using AI for a side hustle

Create faceless YouTube channels (0:20)

  1. choose a topic
  2. get ChatGPT to write the script
  3. use QuillBot to reword the script
    • give author credits
    • eliminate grammar errors and paraphrase content
    • 3 day free
  4. use voice over tools like ElevenLabs (tutorial here)
    • can clone your own voice
  5. DaVinci Resolve (free) to edit video 
  6. Get free footage on the Internet
  7. use AI tools like Midjourney to make thumbnails
  • get extremely detailed output
  • can be used as a template to ask ChatGPT to write scripts on any topic in the future
  • sell industry-specific prompts that you write on PromptBase
    • people who are not in marketing wouldn’t know which keywords (like CTA, lead magnet) to include in the prompts
    • an early marketplace for DALL·E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion & GPT prompts (Google)

Start a design business (7:55)

  • use Canva and Midjourney to create thumbnails for YouTubers
  • be creative
  • getting people to click on the video is as important as the video itself
  • it’s not about cheap thumbnails but great thumbnails
  • learn from MrBreast and Patty Galloway 
  • you can learn how to do that on YouTube, but you need to test them on TubeBuddy
    • optimizing channels for increased views and subscribers
    • #1 browser extension for YouTube Creators