eDM – why write eNewsletters?

What to write about?

  • treat it like a public journal
  • write whatever that you are genuinely interested in
    • consistency is the ultimate secret to getting results¬†
    • (5:45) when you are just started and are getting very few people to read your stuff, you lost motivation to keep doing it
  • it is for relationship building
  • Tim Farriss (7:30)
    • every Friday he sends out a list of 5 things he’s enjoyed that week
  1. Substack (free)
    • Type your newsletter directly on their website then hit “send”
    • can share to Facebook and Twitter
  2. Revue (owned by Twitter)
    • people can subscribe to your email list directly from Twitter
  3. ConvertKit (first 1,000 subscribers are free)
    • ¬†