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How to connect Calendly with iPhone calendar

  • CANNOT use Apple ID / iCloud ID but set up app-specific password
      1. In a new tab, open Calendly, select Account, Availability, then Connected Calendars.

      2. Select Add Calendar Account.

      3. Next to iCloud calendar, select Connect.

      4. Enter your iCloud email address and paste in your app-specific password.

How to add a widget to your website (13:20)

  1. go to the appoint on Calendly
  2. share 
  3. add to website
  4. popup widget
  5. change button text and background color
  6. booking page setting to change the color again
  7. copy code
  8. paste on website (I use “Code Snippets” plugin) (15:10)

How to add a booking calendar on your website

  • check “Hide Event Type Details”
    • i.e. meeting description, 30-min call, video, etc. which will be shown on page after the booking is done
    • you can add meeting description separately on your website
  • check “Hide Cookie Banner”

What the invitee will see: Email Confirmation (top & preferred) vs

Calendar Invitation (buttom)

Email confirmation below: clear with no bullshit

Calendar invitation: showing personal email address at bottom, and super long & confusing