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How Substack finally helped me grow my email list

  • you can either import or start a new one from scratch
  • people can check out your newsletter before subscribing
  • (3:00) only 26 paid subscribers who gets one piece of exclusive content per month
  • faster channel to grow is Substack
  • one newsletter per week for her
  • open rate 59%
    • avg newsletter 20-30%
  • (5:25) traffic mainly comes from Medium
  • also come from YT, X, FB, Discord
  • networking is important
  • she is not charging for subscription
    • she is selling eBook, etc. thru the newsletter to make money 
  • werwerwe


  • you can either import or start a new one from scratch

Star with Medium, build a following, email them to pitch them to sign up for your paid newsletter to support you and get exclusive content on Substack

  • (3:40) start with Medium to build a fan base first
    • the woman got 30,000 followers on Medium in 1 year
    • “Help You Create Freedom”
  • no one will pay to subscribe to your paid newsletter on Substack when they don’t know who you are
  • Medium shares your articles
  • Substack does not have an algorithm and does not promote your newsletter
  1. connect to X
    1. easier set up
    2. your followers will be notified when you have a new newsletter released
  2. (1:15) set up profile & bio
  3. Create publication name & write a one-line description of what your  publication is about
    1. better short and easy to remember 
    2. one-liner: tell people why they need to subscribe 
  4. URL
    1. you can change it after you finish setting up everything
    2. e.g.
    3. use something people might use to search for you
  5. you can upload your email list if you have one
    1. 30% subscriptions come from Substack, not brought from other platforms
  6. (4:40) share your interest
    1. find similar writers for collaboration
      1. e.g. culture, travel
  • Substack
    • forever free
    • take 10% off your newsletter subscription
  •  Beehive
    • another newsletter platform
  • PLR downloads
    • download eBook and stuff for free to give away for newsletter signups
    • lots of websites for that
    • according to Google it’s legal
  • OpusClip
    • turn long-form videos into 10 short ones
    • not available for HK
  • wer
  • were

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