How to find and submit to Medium publications

The Best Medium Publications for Beginners

  1. type in search bar a topic you want to write about
    • e.g. cat
  2. Topic matching cats > select Cats (see picture below)
  3. hit “latest”
  4. find publications with new articles (not form 2020)
  5. go to “submitting” tab to find guidelines 
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: check their latest stories to see if readers are engaging
    • readers’ claps and responses are more important than number of subscribers especially for new writers

How to search for relevant publications

  1. type in search bar
    • e.g. self improvement
  2. click “all of medium” button
  3. hit “publication”
  4. select a publication and go to “about”
    • sign up
    • look for guidelines