SMART goals vs CLEAR goals


  • Specific — Goals are clear and unambiguous.
  • Measurable — Results can be measured in some way, such as the percent increase in sales, or the number of employees trained.
  • Attainable — Goals are realistic and attainable by the average worker.
  • Relevant — Goals relate to your organization’s vision and mission.
  • Time-bound — Goals have definite starting and ending points, and a fixed duration.


  • Collaborative — Goals encourage employee teamwork and collaboration.
  • Limited — Goals are limited in both duration and scope.
  • Emotional — Employees are emotionally connected to the goals.
  • Appreciable — Large goals can be broken down into smaller goals so they can be accomplished more quickly and easily for long-term gain.
  • Refinable — Flexibility. Give yourself permission to refine and modify your goals, even if they’re set with a headstrong objective.