How to build a landing page that converts

The below notes are extracted from a YouTube video “How to Build a Landing Page Step-By-Step” by Sabri Suby of King Kong.

Purpose of a landing page

  • address the marketplace
  • show that you understand the problem your prospects are experiencing
  • show that you have the best solution for them to reach their desired outcome
  • show them you exist
  • something to land traffic to
  • About Us & Services so people know what you do – no other distractions

Content of a landing page  

Every step is designed to get people to read the next step

#1: Call out your audience (03:50)

  • get people to raise their hands to say “that’s me”
  • make everything that follows feel a lot more customized specifically to that audience you are talking to

#2: Demand their attention with a big promise / end benefit headline

  • with a sub-headline to back up that promise
  • your headline is read 5x more than any other copy on your page
  • the headline is your opportunity to stop people and demand their attention
  • e.g. Finally, a way to lose weight without spending hours on cardio every day

#3: Create irresistible intrigue to suck people into your sales message

  • make 10-20 different variations of your headline and create irresistible bullet copy to dial up the intrigue about the problem they are going to be solving
  • put the headlines throughout the page to suck people into the sales message
  • e.g. a little known secret to achieve x that you don’t know

#4: Identify the problem

  • illustrate to your prospects that you understand the problem they are experiencing
  • describe the problem better than they can themselves to prove that you are an expert and the authority in the space
  • put salt in their wound and let them know they need to take action
  • it’s proven that people are more motivated to avoid pain than gain pleasure
  • make them aware of all the pain points and that there is a better way to do things
  • e.g. most business consultants are reliant off referrals.  They don’t have a proven system for generating leads into clients
    • do you wake up in the morning to find one or two unqualified leads in your inbox?
    • do you worry about where your next clients are gonna come from?
    • do you spend the weekends worrying about work when you can never really switch off to enjoy the fruits of your hard work?

#5: Provide a solution (10:15)

  • get people to look at the more desirable after state that they are going to obtain
  • e.g. we have got a proven roadmap / system that will have clients coming to you when they are ready willing and able to do business with you without you having to chase them

#6: Show your credentials (11:30)

  • show that you are the best in your market
  • show as many as possible to demonstrate how you are different and how you can help
  • list out the results you have achieved for past clients
  • use successful case studies / transformations of clients
  • use testimonials
  • show logos of clients
  • show number of clients you have worked with
  • show as seen in / press mentions (newspapers, blogs, etc)
  • show awards / recognitions / memberships / badges / site seal certifications
  • if you don’t have any of these, focus on other steps

#7: Detail the benefits (14:45)

  • features tell and benefits sell
  • focus on the benefits
    • e.g. fitter, stronger, sexier, richer, healthier, more freedom
  • make them taste it
    • what if feels like of achieving the state that you are saying

#8: Social proof (15:30)

  • use stats from authorities in your space
  • make a quote

#9: Make your godfather offer (16:20)

  • 99% of people get it wrong
    • the offer should be so good that the prospects should not be able to sleep at night if they don’t get it
  • an irresistible offer people can’t refuse – so much value at such low price
    • “how can they offer this?  this is ridiculous”
  • think of other things you can stack on
  • has to be clear and easy to understand
  • short and concise – say it in one sentence
  • make it persuasive

#10: Add bonus (18:10)

  • sweetener to add further value
    • e.g. free consultation, audit of their brand name, additional $1 for a $197 service

#11: Stack the value (19:10)

  • itemize all the different value points (can even put a price point next to it)

#12: Reveal your price (20:05)

  • make the price point seems like a no brainer
  • offer $0 to pitch the initial consult where you will actually do the selling

#13: Inject scarcity (22:00)

  • proven technique to get people to act
  • limited offer
    • when things are limited people are really gonna take action
    • the doors are closing
    • there are 5 consults left
  • if it is a free consultation and it’s free forever, there is no motivation for people to take action now

#14: Give a powerful guarantee (22:55)

  • remove any resistance to purchasing something
  • e.g. extend your service period for one month for free if things don’t work out as planned

#15: Call to action (24:05)

  • don’t ask them to take action.  Tell them. 
  • make it bold and throughout the landing page
  • e.g. This is what I want you to do next – go ahead and book your 60-minute free consultation and I will speak to you shortly
  • For consultants – in order to make a sale, it involves us getting onto the phone and speaking to people
    • the only call to action you want to have is to get on the phone to go thru a problem analysis then show them you got a solution

#16: The warning (25:00)

  • what would happen if they didn’t take action
  • e.g. this is something we are trialing over the next month, then after we are going to be charging for these consultations

#17: Close with a reminder (25.50)

  • this is the 3rd most read content on the entire landing page
  • it is the p.s. at the end of the page
  • summarize all the benefits in no more than one paragraph

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