Medium tips

Customizing your profile header Accessing your stats Basic formatting Using images Grid To upload multiple images on Medium, select multiple images to upload. A grid will be automatically generated for your multiple images, with each in alphabetical order of their file names To make an image in your story a clickable link, click on it, […]

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AI for blogging

How to Write a Blog using AI in 10 minutes with free tools (Undetectable & Plagiarism Free) if you don’t want to write anything, you can just enter a blog title and the AI will generate an article for you! (10:50) Step 1: Go to GravityWrite (1:10) Step 2: Get topic ideas (1:50) Blog Workflow

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Medium tutorials

What is Medium? a free blogging platform YouTube for writers no need to worry about SEO high traffic days: Tues, Weds, Thurs How do you get paid? join the Medium Partner Program to get more exposure and get paid thru the royalty scheme you need 100 followers (click here see how to do it) pulldown

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