YouTube Shorts – effective ways to grow audience

Meet the YouTuber Who Solved Shorts (Jenny Hoyos Interview)

10 million view per video!!!

What is a strong hook

  • example:
    • I am going to the beach (not interesting)
    • I am going to the beach and I am going to surprise someone with $100 at the end of the video (people will watch till the end)
    • it needs to have some sort of expectation
  • visual
    • people can understand it without looking/listening 
  • easy to understand
    • even to a 5 year old
  • concise
    • use a readability checker
    • free tool here
  • the most popular shorts, esp. MrBeasts
    • first grade level 
  • (5:00) using words like business, finance, or profit, you already jump to 8th grade and need to explain it

study analytics (8:00)

  • see when people drop out
  • even cutting the bad 1 second off can have a huge impact as it could equal 10% of retention 
  • the longer the video, the longer you need to
  • keep the people watching to keep a high retention rate
  • her optimism length is 34 secs
  • if under 30 secs, they have to have 100% retention or it will not go viral 

how to generate ideas (13:25)

  • write everything down, and pick the best 10 out of 1,000
  • how to decide which 10
    • do I want to make it
    • is it sharable 

good mechanism (10:00)

  • 3 steps of xxx
    • so people know what to expect
    • so people will watch till the end
  • how to decide which 10
    • do I want to make it
    • is it sharable 

but therefore storytelling (23:15)

  • do that instead of saying this happen so I do that


  • Foreshadow is the sentence right after the hook

Different platform different focus, even when they are all about short videos (30:00)

  • when she gets 1 million views on TikTok, the same video gets 1,000 on YT
  • when she gets 1 million views on YT, the same video gets 1,000 on TikTok
  • YT: 30-sec video
  • TikTok: 10-20 sec
  • Reels: have mute function so subtitles are important 

What she still doesn’t know (36:30)

  • sharability is important but there are too many factors and you can’t really put your fingers on
    • retention doesn’t matter as much as people think it does

50 million views per month

Tips from a YouTuber who gets 50 million views per month

  • It takes time (easily years!)
  • there is a lot of learning you need to do as you go through trial and error

1. Give people a reason to care about you

  • lots of people are talking about the same thing
  • make your content unique to show your personality

2. If you don't enjoy watching your own video, change it

  • if you feel bored, viewers will feel bored too

3. Stick to a winning structure and repeat it


  1. present an idea
  2. describe a little (not too much or people will be bored)
  3. leave enough for imagination

4. Shorts viewers want to watch short form content

  • they won’t switch to watching long form
  • cut your long videos into shorts to suit their taste

5. Research and improve

  • lots of people are taking other people’s content and make it better
  • shouldn’t copy exactly but get inspired and make it uniquely yours

1天時間批量產出300個TikTok/YouTube Shorts/Instagram Reels