Medium tutorials

What is Medium?

  • a free blogging platform
  • YouTube for writers
  • no need to worry about SEO
  • high traffic days: Tues, Weds, Thurs

How do you get paid?

  • join the Medium Partner Program to get more exposure and get paid thru the royalty scheme
    • you need 100 followers (click here see how to do it)
    • pulldown menu from your profile pic
  • referral program
    • include a link in your article
    • you get $2.17 every month as long as they stay on subscription 

How to get started

Setting up a profile (3:05)

  • people respond better to human name
  • bio: I am a human that write about XYZ (no need to overcomplicate it)
  • photo: show that you are a human
  • about: make it simple

First article (5:15)

  • I am a human
  • I am new here
  • These are the topics I write about
  • you can edit or delete later

How to format an article (6:55)

  • you can directly get stock image from parter “unsplash” (7:20)
  • add your subscriber link at the bottom to build your audience (8:25)
  • can click a button to share on Twitter (8:50)
  • add up to 5 tags (8:55)

How to get followers (10:20)

  • search “new writer welcome” in search bar  on top right corner > Publications > Submission rules > Apply to become a writer
    • you will get accepted in 2 days
  • (11:45) once you get accepted as a writer, you can submit to publications 

Why Medium?

  • you don’t need a niche or SEO
  • easy to use UI
  • get more writing jobs:
    • at the end of your article, write something like: hey, want to have this kind of awesome content for your own website? guess what, I am a freelance writer. hire me. here is my email  


  • at the end of your article, write something like this:
    • hey, want to have this kind of awesome content for your own website? guess what, I am a freelance writer. hire me. here is my email  



  1. use weird numbers 
    • e.g. 7 tips, $16,765
  2. use “I” instead of “you” 
  3. keep it short 


  1. Include a link to your website to collect email addresses so you can send them offers
    • e.g. Get your 5 life hacks here (3:30)
    • you can sell your courses, or send the leads to websites like clickbank or muncheye (5:40)
      • if people sign up for their seminars on muncheye, you get paid 50% of the sales through affiliate marketing
  2. whichever article does well, repurpose the content and post on other platforms to make money

Tips after writing 15 articles

  1. your article does not need to be original to Medium 
  2. longer articles are not better – his best performing piece is a 3-minute read
  3. (4:25) join the partner program to get more exposure
    • publications may tweet about your articles
  4. get yourself approved as a writer
  5. delete rejection notes – other publications will see them  
  6. be consistent and show up always, even if you keep getting rejected
  7. keep track of which articles you have submitted where so you don’t submit the same thing twice
  8. be patient – it could take up to 7 days to hear back from the publication
    • if you don’t hear back after 7 days, remove the submission and try another publication  
  9. formatting (8:40)
  10. title and image are extremely important 
  11. read other articles and learn why they get so many views
  12. don’t over self promote in your articles
    • publications will reject them
    • Medium doesn’t like too many URLs in an article 

How much did he make with 15 articles in 30 days? (10:30)

  • $39.83
  • he spent 2 hours to write one article

Was it worth it?

  • Yes
  • excellent exposure for his brand and courses
  • fewer negative comments compared to Twitter) 
  • gained 75 followers 

This is a professional journalist

  • he made $350+ in his first month
    • 45 minute to write one article = $7.75 per hour
  • 2nd month
    • writing fewer articles but made $23.27 per hour because of the accumulated pay from all articles 

She published 3 times a week on Medium

  • if you write every day you will burn out
  • you make more money writing for clients 
  • 1,000 words = 6 minutes read 
  • publications takes good content even if they are 3-minute reads
  • she has 4,000 followers and is making $200+ per week

Not a success story

  • She made less than $1 in a week. But like everything else, it takes time and persistence to grow over time
  • In her opinion, it should be easier to make money writing than making videos because it is less time consuming