Public speaking tips

How to sound more confident as a leader Minimize use of language Think in principles brief and to the point to convey deep messages so you don’t need to memorize a a lot of things. it just flows Elevate your influence As you move up, it’s less and less about your technical skills  it’s about

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Hong Kong government funding for SMEs

EMF 中小企業市場推廣基金 (HK Gov’t) 在香港境外舉行的展覽會 Trade exhibitions held outside Hong Kong or in Hong Kong 網上貿易展覽會  Online trade exhibitions 香港境外商貿考察團  Business missions outside Hong Kong 網上商貿考察團  Online business missions 在貿易刊物刊登的廣告  Advertisements on trade publications 電子平台 / 媒介進行的出口推廣活動 Export promotion activities conducted through electronic platforms/media 建立或優化申請企業擁有的公司網站 / 流動應用程式 Setting up/enhancing the corporate website/mobile application owned by the applicant

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Elevator Pitch

start with a one-sentence pitch (1:00) who I am  what I do  how I bring value I help x achieve y by doing z x = audience y = value that you bring z = how you provide that value e.g. I help offline stores create massive new revenue streams by selling their products online

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