Crypto categories

Store of value cryptos (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin) safer than other cryptos, likely to go up in dollar value over time  limited number of coins store or increase purchasing powers over time the more the government print, the more it loses the purchasing power disadvantage: limited functionalities  Smart contract cryptos (Ethereum and Binance smartchain) less emphasis […]

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Popular types of cryptocurrencies

Categories DeFi (decentralized finance) NFT Utility tokens Store of value tokens (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin) Yield farming tokens (e.g. Aave)  Most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) 21 million BTC limit THE currency of the Internet in less than 10 years (when there are fewer scammers) global currency payment  if you bought $100 in 2009, at its all-time

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Crypto glossary

Bear run Blockchain a secure type of ledger that documents transactions of cryptocurrencies  organizes a big spreadsheet of transactions in blocks  Bull run Cold storage  e.g Ledger Nano S   Crypto intangible magic internet money that can be used for payment over 7,000 DeFi Dollar cost averaging   KYC law know your consumer law NFT Non

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Crypto marketing

Strategy for new crypto companies get the messaging right so people know what you do create content to educate to help people understand podcast, blog, anything educational   make the website super obvious  open a Twitter and Telegram account How is crypto marketing different from other marketing? cannot do paid acquisitions like Google ads, Twitter ads,

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