Medium writer sharing on how to make money from blogging

Quickest way to start: 3rd party platforms

  • they handle everything, you just write
    • Medium
      • not going to make you rich
        • fewer than 1,000 writers get paid over $1,000/mo
      • build your personal brand
      • what you will have is a catalog of articles in various topics
    • Substack
      • personal website, blog, and email newsletter or podcast
      • get paid through subscriptions
    • Patreon
  • cons:
    • no intellectual ownership
    • no control on monetization (can do affiliate marketing but not AdSense)

How to make real money

  • make a WordPress site
    • one topic only
      • needs to be very specific
    • need to know SEO!
    • be prepared to pay $40-$50/mo for hosting, plugins, etc
  • Affiliate marketing
    • software is good money
    • join big affiliate networks when you have good enough traffic so you don’t apply with different companies one by one

How to get paid with newsletters

  • sell a course (members only section)
  • keep most of the content free to drive traffic
  • 500-1,000 engaged audience = 6- to 7-figure business
    • financial product
    • hobbies: you don’t get paid as much
  • choose something specific 
    • passion economy, e.g. environmentalism
    • people don’t feel represented enough and will pay to be a member to support you

How long does it take to be profitable?

  • took the guy 18 months to be able to quit his job and do this full time
  • 12-24 months to scale, rank and earn
    • lots of work 
    • hired part-time help
  • 2 best performing blogs

How much money can be made with a blog

  • AdSense
    • Native Ads, Display Ads, Text Ads, Rich Media Ads, Link Units, Video Ads
  • 15 blogs
    • 4-5 making more than $500/month,
    • other are experimental
    • all in different niches 

Selling a blog

  • 35x monthly profit 
  • Who would big a blog
    • Competitor
    • investor
  • you can expect to sell in 3 years


  • Casey Botticello