ChatGPT prompt bible

Udemy AI SEO course – also available on YouTube (by Julian Goldie) Google says it will rank AI content sometimes ChatGPT doesn’t listen to instructions so you always have to check see what competitors are already ranking on Google Install HeadingsMap Chrome plugin to extract headlines of their high ranking articles (3:05) Create an outline of

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AI for blogging

How to Write a Blog using AI in 10 minutes with free tools (Undetectable & Plagiarism Free) if you don’t want to write anything, you can just enter a blog title and the AI will generate an article for you! (10:50) Step 1: Go to GravityWrite (1:10) Step 2: Get topic ideas (1:50) Blog Workflow

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ChatGPT plugins

448 ChatGPT plugins as of June 20, 2023 Learn ANYTHING With The Power Of ChatGPT Plugins allows you to configure and deploy Autonomous AI agents. Name your custom AI and have it embark on any goal imaginable (Google) it will learn and make rational decisions on its own

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AI quotes

AI will not replace you. A person using AI will Artificial intelligence is a tool, not a threat. AI is everywhere. It’s not that big, scary in the future. AI is here with us.

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