How to build an NFT community

Provide value and a fun environment for people want to keep coming back Purpose of your discord why people are coming in what type of people are coming in  give them value and resources make sure they feel heard  Host a couple of AMA every week goal: build real human emotional relationships share your vision […]

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NFT marketing

Have a large enough community before you launch art is subjective it’s hard to predict what kind of art people will love  Add utility to your NFT project What needs to be done (it’s hard!) build a business grow a following take a tone of time don’t start if you think about doing it short

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Functional NFTs

provides a value on top of just scarcity  valued based on their underlying utility  e.g. ticket to a special event, a playable character in a game Examples VeeFriends you can access events and conferences and coaching sessions the art is the insignificant part ot the project  Kings of Leon (music) limited edition vinyls live show

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Problems with NFT

1. Having an ownership to an NFT doesn’t mean you are the owner over that design (04:50) is it just for bragging? they are mostly repurposed photos from the past or computer generated png files 2. Most NFTs are not made by known creators currently mainly made by opportunistic business people apes, lazy lions, next

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